Pineapple Chicken Rolls — Impossibly Delicious


Chicken rolls with pineapple and bacon have a rather piquant taste and simply amazing appearance. They will be a great addition to your holiday table, they can be cooked simply and quickly.


Essential products


  • 2 chicken fillets

  • 100 grams of hard cheese

  • 50 grams of pineapple

  • 50 grams of bacon

  • vegetable oil

  • salt, pepper to taste

Getting Started Cooking


  1. We wash the chicken fillet, dry it with a paper towel and cut it into 2 parts, and then cut each half across the fibers. Cover the resulting pieces of meat with a film and beat off a little.

  3. Salt and pepper each slice to taste, put several slices of bacon or ham on top, as well as pineapple. There we put a few slices of cheese and twist the meat into a roll. We fasten it with a toothpick and shift it into a baking dish.

  5. Sprinkle the prepared rolls with your favorite spices and pour over vegetable oil.

  7. The billet is sent to the oven, heated to 200 degrees, and baked for 30-40 minutes. And then you can immediately serve it to the table.

Try also chicken thighs in sour cream and mustard. This delicious dish can be safely added not only to the daily menu, but also put on the festive table. It is prepared very simply, and see the recipe here.


Куриные рулетики с ананасом - невозможно вкусные


Bon appetit!





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