Chopped turkey cutlets: preparing a healthy dish in the oven


Chopped meatballs — this is a fairly quick dish.


Of course, if you have a good knife or you use pre-chopped meat. And in other cases, the process is short-lived. Typically, these cutlets are fried in oil, but cooking them in the oven, you will get a more dietary option. The only negative — in any case, they will be drier than fried. Therefore, think it over and prepare a gravy of vegetables for the patties or serve with sauce , using the same ketchup.


For cooking, I take the turkey drumsticks. However, both breast fillet and hip fillet are suitable. Also, for the preparation of chopped turkey cutlets in the oven, we need the following ingredients.




  • Fillet of turkey drumstick — 300 g

  • Onions — 1 pcs.

  • Egg — 1 pc.

  • Salt, pepper — to taste

  • Seasoning “Curry” — to taste

  • Semolina — 2 tbsp. without a slide

How to cook chopped turkey cutlets



  1. Turkey meat is thoroughly washed, dried and cut into very small pieces. Use a good knife for this.

  3. Onions are also cut into small cubes.

  5. Combine the prepared ingredients in a bowl: turkey fillet, chopped onion, whole egg (I have the first category), semolina (I have durum wheat, but any one will do), Curry seasoning.

  7. Mix everything thoroughly with a spoon.

  9. Council. I don’t put salt and pepper in the mass for cutlets, since the Curry seasoning itself is spicy, spicy and salty. You can use salt and pepper if you put the Curry very little. Or, be sure to put salt / pepper on the table so that you can add spices yourself if necessary.

  11. Leave for a few minutes aside. In the meantime, turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees, prepare a baking sheet — cover it with foil / baking paper or simply coat with oil.

  13. Now put the minced meat on a baking sheet with a spoon, forming round or oval cutlets. I got 8 things.

  15. We put in the oven and cook for 15-25 minutes, until the cutlets are rosy. To prevent the patties from drying out in the oven, cover them with foil before baking. And keep an eye out for cutlets! Overexpose and they will dry out …

Baked in the oven chopped meatballs from turkey ready! Serve to the table with your favorite side dish and sauce. In addition, you can also make gravy from vegetables, for example.


Рубленые котлеты из индейки: готовим полезное блюдо в духовке


Bon appetit!





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