Polish cucumber soup

Polish cucumber soup TYPE entrees
Vegetable broths
slow cooker Country
The Republic Of Poland
Ukraine-Russia The number of persons Cooking time
30-40 min. Ingredients:

pickles 400 g
celery 3 stem
green onions 70 g
potatoes 200 g
dill 50 g
carrots 70 g
butter 60 g
sour cream 70 ml
broth 700 ml
pepper black hammer. to taste
salt to taste

Польский огуречный суп

Peel the vegetables, finely chop the onion, half the carrots grate on medium grater, the other half cut into slices, celery also cut into slices. Warm up in the bowl multivarki in the «Frying» the butter and sauté the vegetables until soft, stirring constantly. Translate multivarku mode «Quenching». Pickled cucumber peel and RUB on a small grater. Drain the brine. Add the cucumbers to the vegetables and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Vegetable broth bring to a boil over medium heat. Put the diced potatoes. When the broth is almost ready, add the steamed vegetables with the cucumbers. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. season the soup with chopped green onions and pepper. To give more time to boil and turn off.

The highlight of the recipe:

Interesting recipe version of pickle. But do not let boil. Strong boiling is the enemy of taste.


Recipe from Irina Veretennikova. Kiev. Ukraine.