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The recipe

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Canned corn «Delicious» TYPE Preserving
gas., electric
The number of persons Cooking time
35 minutes

corn heads 1 kg
For the marinade
water 1 l
sugar 2,5 tbsp
salt 1,5 tbsp
citric acid 3 g

Консервированная кукуруза «Деликатесная»

1 kg small, cleaned kochanchikov corn cover with water and boil after boiling for 30 min. Drain the water, put the corn in 0.5-liter cans. To prepare the marinade.Boil 1 liter of water, add the 2.5 tbsp of salt and stir until dissolved. Marinade remove from heat, add, add 3 g of citric acid. (Instead of acid into each 0,5-litre jar you can put 3 berries plum). Pour corn marinade, cover with lids, sterilized for 1 hour after boiling, and roll up.

The highlight of the recipe:

The highlight here unaccustomed to such preservation. It’s nice in the winter to open a jar of corn midgets…


Recipe from Irene Zaharovoj. Khmelnitsky. Ukraine.

The visitor says to the restaurant owner:

– Monsieur, you are so badly prepared that I will warn all my friends to never come here. Why are you smiling? You are not afraid of such a prospect?

– No, sir. People usually have more enemies than friends, and even enemies you’ll frequently go to us!

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