Desert «Cool»

Desert «Cool» TYPE Desserts, sweet dishes
cutting, mixing Country
Ukraine-Russia The number of persons
3 Cooking time
quickly Ingredients:

ice cream «Sundae» 200 g
cherry 100 g
Apple 1 PCs
orange 1 PCs
kiwi 2 PCs

Десерт «Прохлада»

Apple, orange and kiwi peel, cut into small cubes, from cherries to remove bone. Ice cream (ice cream without additives) to remove from the freezer, so it melted a bit. The fruit spread in glass. Alternating with ice cream. Serve immediately after cooking.

The highlight of the recipe:

The highlight contained in the name of the dessert. Specified in the recipe fruits can be replaced by any other.


From a recipe by Anna Misko. S. Dubrovka, Zhitomir region, Ukraine.