Great meat for the New Year's table

  Meat fingers will always be relevant on the New Year’s table. It turns out they are juicy and unusually mouth-watering. The filling can be changed to your liking, and […]

Preparing for the holiday: quince chicken

  Chicken with quince acquires a rather interesting taste. Plus quince itself has properties that soften the meat and make it more juicy. With quince, the chicken literally melts in […]

Baked Chicken with Potatoes and Oranges

  This dish can be called truly festive. After all, the aroma of orange perfectly improves the mood, and its taste makes the meat incredible. Meat with oranges and potatoes […]

Chicken pastrami — cook at home

  Pastroma is a traditional dish of Jewish cuisine. Previously, it was prepared only from beef, but nowadays they use different meat. We propose making a pastrami of chicken. It […]